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Where to Find the OSRS Crystal Key and Other Information

It often happens that a game exists thanks to players who wanted it to be resurrected. Old School RuneScape was originally created as a copy of the 2007 game. This is a faithful replica specifically designed to lure nostalgic adventure game lovers. However, it is an evolving game with regular updates, side quests, and yet another game world. It is rather strange to see how it continues to exist side by side with the most successful version of the game RuneScape 3. So, in this article, we will give a small guide for those who want to start playing this game. We will discuss where to get the OSRS crystal key, how to begin, and why this game is so interesting even for beginners.

Back to the Start

When you leave the training island, where you are taught the simplest things like how to move, fight, and pump skills, you are transported outside the castle, to Lambridge. Now you can go wherever you like. Surely you remember the rats in the kitchen cellar (and they have not gone anywhere) and the quest from the Duke’s chef, which will force you to search all the surroundings in search of ingredients for the pie. After this, you will get the Crystal Key. Yes, this is that simple.

These first quests take us back to 2001 when the very first version of RuneScape was released. Jagex mainly creates content for mid-level players, so most of the simple quests were outdated by 2007. These are also the most frequently completed quests in the game, especially among newbies. That is why it’s so important for players to remember them right away.

For example, as you scamper around and try to find flour and eggs, Ogilvy points out the goblins who are trampling the fence in an attempt to attack the farmers. These poor fellows cannot climb over the fence in any way. And in the place where you are standing, they cannot reach you.

The freedom of Actions in the Game

There are plenty of riddles, secrets, and traps, which can offer this RPG and adventure game. Thanks to Wikipedia and the many walkthroughs that can be found on the net, it is impossible to be stuck in the game.

Instead of one big quest, there are hundreds of short tasks and full-fledged stories. And more often than not these are not just quests where you just need to find and bring something or beat enemies. And it seems, at first glance, there is nothing complicated in them. But at one moment everything turns upside down. It always happens in RuneScape.

You will find many side quests and interesting dialogues with answer options. Probably, it was the dialogues that were most enjoyable for players who decided to return to good old times. Developers always entertain sociable players with top-notch jokes. And at the same time, this game should not be taken lightly.