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If you’re an Android user, you’ve probably visited the Play Store hundreds of times as your central hub for apps, movies, and books. However, what you might not be aware of is that the Google Play Points system within the store can net you free rewards.

You Need to Join First

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Play Points are a fairly standard reward system Google offers in the Play Store. In the menu, you’ll see a section completely dedicated to Play Points. You need to register for the program if you haven’t already to earn points, which means you likely won’t have any built-up from your previous purchases. But registering is as simple as tapping the “Join for Free� button in the Play Points menu—although you might need to provide a payment method if you haven’t given one to the Play Store yet.

Beyond that the program is pretty straightforward; you get a point per dollar spent on the store, with various incentives to increase the number of points you receive based on how much you purchase. Notably, for the first seven days of signing up to Play Points, you’ll automatically receive three times as many Play Points as normal. There are also a few rewards for installing certain apps or purchasing subscriptions that you can view in the Play Points section.

So, What Can You Get for Free?

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There are a few things you can do with your Play Points, but the most rewarding for you will likely be the direct exchange for Google Play credit. You can receive gift cards through the Play Points section at the rate of 100 points per dollar. You can use these to rent movies, purchase apps, buy books, and anything else you desire, assuming you get enough points—but that can take a while.

Another nice thing you can use Play Points for is in-app purchases. Certain developers have partnered with Google to provide coupons for their apps redeemable for Play Points, while other apps (mainly games) have purchases that can be made directly with Play Points—you can browse these offers in the Play Points section. The final option is charity; you can donate your Play Points to various causes, such as Doctors Without Borders, at a rate of 50 points per dollar, so if you don’t really care about this system, this is a nice way to get rid of them and help out a good cause.

While none of these options are groundbreaking, they’re nice to have around and are useful rewards for purchasing things on the Play Store. While it takes a while to get enough points to purchase anything substantial, saving a few dollars here and there never hurts anyone.

At the end of the day, Play Points are a simple program. While you won’t be reaping in the cash after signing up, having a gradual buildup of free credit can be nice. And there’s no harm or risk to signing up, so you might as well—it’s basically just free money.

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