This rare Apple computer made by Steve Jobs is selling for $1.5 million – Latest News

Memorabilia related to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs often surfaces on the internet and there are collectors who buy it. The most recent item is an Apple-1 computer that was made by Jobs along with other Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Available on eBay, the computers is up for sale for a whopping $1.5 million. The reason for the exorbitant price? As per the eBay listing, “This is a rare opportunity as there are less than 6 known surviving original Byte Shop KOA wood cases with most in museum collections, with this unit being in the best known condition of any of those cases, also protecting the board from dust and corrosion, over the well protected years in special storage.�

Yes, it is a functional computer, which it makes it even more rare as it was built almost 45 years ago in 1976. The owner of the computer further shared details of the machine. “The provenance of this Apple-1 system is seen in #79 on the Official Apple-1 Registry, as the second owner. I took possession in early 1978 from the original owner as part of a trade-in for a newer Apple II computer.�

Along with the computer, whoever buys the machine will also get digital copies of the Original Owners Manuals, Schematics, Basic Manual, Cassette Interface and Guides. The software that comes with the Apple 1 computer includesBasic Language, Games, Low and High memory Tests, 30th Anniversary Video and more.

Jobs along with Wozniak made Apple-1 computers in 1976 and it was the first product the company ever sold to customers. Only 200 units of Apple-1 were made before it was discontinued in 1977. It was back then launched at a price of $666.66.

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