‘My Bitcoin investment multiplied by ten in just two years

Other topical investments have been bullish. Last August, after reading the 50th gushing article about plug-in cars, I wondered whether I should buy a share in Tesla; on checking the price of Elon Musk’s stocks ($736 apiece today), I readjusted my ambitions, tried to think laterally. What about the components that those vehicles will rely on? Trudging through a blizzard of information about battery producers left me utterly bored. 

Then I did what many thousands of investors have done before me. I bought what Warren Buffett bought. In this case, Albemarle Corp, one of the world’s biggest producers of lithium, the essential material in electric car batteries, and a new Buffett crush. I admit this wasn’t a very imaginative way to invest, but to date, these are the only shares that have put on significant profit. 

My Bitcoin investment, meanwhile, remains tantalisingly out of reach. Having read this week that a single coin has soared to £24,870, I scrambled to find the skeleton key needed to reach my fraction of a Bitcoin, which has quietly increased ten-fold. The only problem now is converting this online Monopoly money back into cold cash, and it isn’t looking good: the status of the payment has been marked ‘pending’ for some time.

If it ever arrives, I’ll be putting it straight into lithium batteries.

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