January Jan Dils Golden Apple Award winner

BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) – The Jan Dils Golden Apple Award winner for the month of January teaches with patience, love, and a smile.

Haley Bonar teaches in a specialized unit for kids with autism at Belpre Elementary.

This is her third year teaching, and her first in the specialized unit.

Her nomination says she is able to communicate with her students in a way that helps them grow, learn, and succeed.

Bonar says that her favorite part about her job is connecting with each of her students, and would tell anyone looking to teach in a specialized unity like hers to commit fully to the kids.

“Be patient and caring and just own their heart for what they’re doing because you can’t do it halfway.  You have to let all of your passion show, and let it be what drives you.  On the rough days, on the great days, that’s what gets you through,� she explains.

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