iOS 14.4, QR tips, Apple’s money, and note apps on the AppleInsider podcast

Apple releases a record-breaking earnings report, iOS 14.4 launches with updates to HomePod mini, tips for creating Wi-Fi network QR codes and we highlight the new document creation app, Craft.

iOS 14.4, QR code tips, Apple earnings and note apps on the AppleInsider podcast

Apple reveals a record-breaking earnings report, iOS 14.4 brings updates to HomePod mini, plus we have tips on note taking apps, and creating Wi-Fi network QR codes.

For its latest quarterly earnings, Apple reported record-breaking revenue of $111.4 billion, a 21% increase from the pervious year. That’s rather a lot of cash, marking the first time Apple has exceeded $100 billion in a single quarter.

But as well as the money, there were particularly interesting points of interest from the call. Such as how the iPad line has grown by 41%, Apple has shipped an estimated 90.1 million iPhones during the last three months of 2020, — and revenue from China increased by 57% over last year.

Apple also released a new iOS 14 and iPadOS, both now on 14.4. The key improvements include a revamped Handoff for the HomePod mini, and an updated “Find My Items” to the Find My app. At the same time, watchOS was also updated to 7.3 with a new Unity watch face, wider ECG support and celebrity “Time to Walk” audio workouts.

Stephen Robles produced a new how-to video on the AppleInsider YouTube channel that explains how to scan and create your own QR codes for free using Siri Shortcuts. Answering a question from listeners, we also discuss creating a QR code for connecting to a password-protected Wi-Fi network automatically. You can add that Shortcut to your device here.

Speaking of Shortcuts, you can actually trigger them and more automations from NFC tags which are readily available to purchase in bulk online. We discuss useful placements for NFC tag stickers and the Linq Apple Watch band with built-in NFC chip.

We also cover the recently released note-taking app and Notion competitor, Craft. While it supports Markdown and rich text editing, its sharing features that include sharing a public link to a website-style page layout is especially useful.

Next, Stephen recounts the first time he heard the fans spin up on his M1 MacBook Pro. It’s an extraordinarily rare occurrence — and it’s due to a particularly unlikely culprit.

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