Does the Oppo Find X3 Pro look like an iPhone?

If there was one thing in common with Oppo’s Find X flagship series, it would be that they’re very different when it comes to design. The original Find X was a crazy motorised sliding device, while its successor went back to more traditional smartphone looks only the Pro variant had a vegan leather option that was also IP68 water resistant. Now, with the third installment, the Find X3, it looks like they’re changing things up once again.

Leakster Evan Blass (@evleaks) shared a couple of photos which he claims are the official images of the upcoming Oppo Find X3 Pro, and reception is a little mixed. At first glance, I kinda like it. It takes a little bit of a spin on the camera bump by “blending� it into the frame almost seamlessly which gives the device this organic look that helps it stand out.

It reminds me a lot of devices like the HTC One X and Lumia 950 XL, but with the dial turned all the way up to eleven. However, I’ve also seen a couple of people complaining that the camera layout itself is a blatant copy of Apple’s iPhone 12 series. While I do think that’s understandable, there are really only so many ways you can arrange a bunch of circles in a square before they start to resemble something that’s already out in the market.

Then again, if Oppo did draw “inspiration� from Apple, I also wouldn’t be surprised—a lot of companies like to do it.

From the images, there also appears to be a version that sports some kind of leather or vegan leather textured back which could be exciting. Though, from the photos themselves, I think the glass/glossy one looks way more attractive.

As far as specs go, nothing has been officially revealed just yet, but the rumours are looking pretty good. The phone will reportedly feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, which we recently saw smash Antutu records with a score of over 700,000 on the popular benchmarking application. The device will also be expected to come with 12GB of RAM and plenty of storage—which if you go off of the previous Find X2 Pro, shouldn’t be too far off the mark.

Up front the phone will reportedly feature a 6.7″ 1440p (Quad HD+) resolution display with an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz. Again, not something that seems out of Oppo’s flagship wheelhouse.

What is interesting, however, is the fact that the quad camera setup on the back of the Find X3 Pro will apparently feature two “unannounced 50MP modules from Sony�, according to Evan Blass. That sounds, very exciting indeed. What’s also got my eyebrow raised is the report that the phone will apparently feature a unique 25X zoom “microscope� macro lens. Presumably it’s like a super duper macro, but can it really be a microscope?

Other rumours include Super VOOC 2.0 fast-charging as well as VOOC Air rapid wireless charging.

As a whole, the Find X3 Pro looks like a very promising device. Would I have liked a more radical phone along the lines of the original Find X? Yeah, probably, but at the same time with the fact that Huawei is still locked out of GMS, there is a vacuum at the top that needs to be filled and I’m always stoked for new competition.

What do you think of the Oppo Find X3 Pro? Let me know in the comments below.


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