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A few iPhones with the Carrot Weather app stating demotivational facts.
Brian Mueller

“I don’t love you. You’re not very special at all.� That’s the sort of (de)motivational humor you can expect from Carrot Weather’s homicidal artificial intelligence. The weather app that loves to hate you just got a major overhaul on iPhone and iPad, and it’s prettier, meaner, and freer than ever. Yeah that’s right, you can get Carrot Weather for free now!

Until now, Carrot Weather for iPad and iPhone had an upfront cost just to experience how mean it can be. But starting with Carrot Weather 5.0, that’s gone in favor of (more) subscription tiers. In the past you’d pay Carrot Weather and get all the basic features, then subscribe for extra more data intensive options.

The Carrot Weather App on iPad in dark mode
Brian Mueller

But with the new shift you can enjoy the bare minimum basics for free. You’ll also get “ads,� but right now it doesn’t display any real products. At least, we hope those assassin ads aren’t real. According to the developer, Brian Mueller, he will stick in some ads for indie developers as a way to “give back to the awesome developer community.� He isn’t even charging for those ads.

But naturally, he does reserve the right to include real ads later. Mueller promises never to sell or share your data though, even if he starts showing real ads. In the mean time, the fake ads detract slightly from the look of Carrot Weather, but manage to introduce some humor along the way.

The entire app got a makeover, including new icons built from scratch. You have far more customization options, too, which will allow you to create an interface suited for your needs. According to Mueller, you can “[a]dd new components, rearrange them, change their design, insert additional data points, and more.�

Carrot Weather app showing an hourly forecast
Brian Mueller

But, you’ll have to subscribe to get customization features, along with widgets, notifications, alternative weather sources, and so on. Starting with Carrot 5.0, you have three subscription tier options:

  1. Premium ($4.99/month or $19.99/year) provides additional features like weather data sources, notifications, customization, widgets, and Apple Watch complications.
  2. Premium Ultra ($9.99/month or $39.99/year) includes all the features of Premium, plus rain, lightning, and storm cell notifications (where available), a weather maps widget, and quick data source switching.
  3. Premium Family ($14.99/month or $59.99/year) includes all the features of Premium Ultra, with the added benefit of being shareable with up to five family members via Apple’s Family Sharing service.

And if you’re a previous subscriber or you bought the app in its early days, don’t fret. Mueller says you’ll keep all your existing features, even if its now in a tier you weren’t subscribing, too.

If you’re upgrading, you’ll likely notice the new vortical layout. That change means a bit scrolling, but it’s not longer an “everything packed in tight� affair. And as always, looking around for Easter Eggs will lead to plenty of reward.

Carrot Weather 5.0 is out now on iOS, and an Android and Mac version will follow later.

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