Bordeaux Apple Store may get makeover for 10th anniversary

The Apple Store serving Bordeaux, France, may receive an update to its interior, with a refresh to the storefront possibly timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the store’s opening.

The Apple Store in Sainte-Catherine is an outlet set across two levels in a pedestrianized shopping district in Bordeaux, and was originally opened on May 14, 2011. A report claims that changes are planned for the store over the coming months, which could complete by the retail store’s 10th anniversary.

While Apple Stores in general are operating under reduced opening hours due to COVID-19, a report from MacGeneration suggests the Bordeaux store will be closed for a little longer than normal. It is alleged the further reduced opening hours are to allow refurbishment work to be carried out, but without closing the store for a long period of time.

The building work will in theory take place outside of normal opening hours, but those opening hours could be reduced down to half-days at worst. It seems that customers won’t lose out on any of the current store services, as they will remain available though with shorter periods of availability.

It is reckoned the refurbishment could stretch over four months, which would coincide with the milestone anniversary.

Aside from being a major outlet, the Apple Store was famously attacked in December 2018 during protests and riots against the French government. The store was effectively cleaned out by thieves, at a time when “yellow vest” protests took place throughout the country.

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