Amazon’s Dash Smart Shelf will auto-replenish your inventory for just $12

Dash Smart Shelf

Remember the Dash button from Amazon that you could press to order a certain household product that you were running low on? Its replacement, the Dash Smart Shelf, monitors the weight of everyday items and automatically places an order to replenish the inventory or sends you a notification that stock is running low. Available in three sizes, the Dash Smart Shelf is currently reduced from $20 to $11.99, giving you an $8 saving.

Unlike the original Dash button that was dedicated to a single product, the Dash Smart Shelf can be set to monitor a certain product and retasked for other products as and when you see fit, all without bearing the branding of the product its overseeing.

The Dash Smart Shelf monitors the weight of the products stored on it and is smart enough to refrain from placing an order just because you are organizing the products placed on it. If an item is removed from the Smart Shelf it will wait 12 hours before triggering the placement of an order or sending a notification that stock is low. The Dash Smart Shelf is said to have a 2-year battery life, so it’s pretty much a place and forget device.

The Dash Smart Shelf comes in Small (7″ x 7″), Medium (12″ x 10″), and Large (18″ x 13″), but despite the size differences, the same price applies to all.

As a bonus on top of the $8 reduction on the Dash Smart Shelf itself, Amazon is also offering a saving of up to 25% on the first replenishment order.

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