Where to Find Mechanized Supply Key Wow

Where to Find Mechanized Supply Key Wow

If you have already had time to explore the new locations of The Return of Azshara, which are Nazjatar and Mechagon, then you have probably filled your bags with a bunch of various items. And if you haven’t been following the news very closely, then the purpose of some of these things may be a mystery to you. This thread lists the main items that can be obtained in the kingdom of Azshara and on the island of the mechagnomes. Also, it states what can be done with them.

But to our opinion, Mechanized Supply Chest Key WOW is the most valuable item. Therefore, we will discuss it first and then we will go to other things.

The Key

Mechanized Supply Chest Key opens the Mechanized Supply Chest. It can be found at various coordinates instead of regular chests. For example, it can be found at 20.71. The chest contains materials for Mechagon Artisanal Engineering, which is very important.

Nazjatar Items

Strange Ocean Suspension, Strange Volcanic Stone, and Strange Mineral Water are required to conduct experiments in the laboratory of Mardivas, which can be arranged once a week on the assignment “Laboratory of Mardivas.” But first, you need to open access to the laboratory by completing the task, which begins with the Small benthic arcane crystal item, which can be found in chests.

Now let’s talk about Coin covered with a patina, Skeleton Hand and Blind Eye. If at least one of these items is in your bag, then you will be cursed and get one or another negative effect. For example, this can you take increased damage, reduce your health, take periodic damage, etc. These items must be taken to the Tortollan seeker Duskbat Yarga, who lives in the cave at coordinates 38.59. And in exchange for the, she will give you a bag of gold, which contains several hundred gold pieces.

And the last ones we want to discuss are Enchanting Crystal and Iridescent Crystal. You can find the Enchanting Crystal in one of four locations at coordinates 32.39; 45.24; 71.25; 55.48. It starts the quest “Amazing Discovery”, after which you will be able to find Rainbow Crystals in various places in Nazjatar. These items are required to obtain special slimy pets.

Mechagon Items

Let’s start with the Broken Transport Hub. This item can occasionally be found in the Mechagon Caves at coordinates 59.78 and 67.06 if Boers are active on the island. The item is used to summon a rare creature Mechagnom Neutralizer at coordinates 56.52.

Gorilobot Power Supply can be obtained by acquiring and studying Blueprint: Gorillobot Power Supply. With it, you can activate the rare creature Faulty Gorillobot, which periodically appears in Bondo’s courtyard at coordinates 60.41.

And with Vaultbot Key, you can instantly kill a rare creature Armored Vaultbot at coordinates 53.48 and get its loot. But only if it is not in battle with someone. And you can create a key using the blueprint.