The Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases and Covers

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S21, its flagship smartphone for 2021. Launching three weeks earlier than usual, the new device picks up where the Galaxy S20 left off, retaining the beautiful edge-to-edge display while adding ultra-slim bezels and a very sleek wraparound rear camera module. It looks stunning and promises to outperform most other phones on the market, given its use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip.

However, as enticing as it looks, you’ll almost certainly need a case to protect it from damage. That’s why we’ve sorted through the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases available right now, from lightweight covers to heavy-duty cases and leather wallets. Regardless of your particular tastes, you should be able to find one that suits your new phone.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Case

Olixar Ultra-Thin Samsung Galaxy S21 Case

Certain cases arguably detract from the aesthetic appeal of a smartphone, replacing a sophisticated modern design with bulky PVC that gets in the way of you staring admiringly at your phone. This certainly isn’t something that can be said for Olixar’s Ultra-Thin Case for the Samsung Galaxy S21, which is made from a 100% transparent gel material that provides flexibility and durability in equal measure. It perfectly retains the beauty of the S21, allowing you to show off your spanking-new phone while also keeping it guarded from everyday accidents. Not only does it fit snugly in your pocket, but it’s also precisely cut and molded, offering the same easy access to all of the phone’s buttons and ports.

ESR Metal Kickstand Case

ESR Metal Kickstand Case for Galaxy S21

Kickstand cases are usually pretty bulky, coming in the form of either heavy-duty military-grade covers or wallet cases. However, ESR has managed to produce a highly usable kickstand case that is also slim and stylish. It’s made of a polymer material that offers plenty of strength and resistance, while also offering enough suppleness to fit over the S21 easily. It has raised edges, ensuring that the phone’s touchscreen isn’t directly impacted whenever it falls face down. As for the kickstand, it’s built with a durable metal that opens sideways, letting you watch content or video-call friends without cramping your wrist.

LoveCases Abstract Rainbow Case

LoveCases Abstract Rainbow Case for Samsung Galaxy S21

LoveCases have released a range of arty cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21, but it’s this Abstract Rainbow case that has drawn our attention here. The design is the perfect antidote to overly generic cases and is great for anyone who wants a bit more color and character from their covers. It’s also ultra-thin and lightweight, with enough flexibility to let you take it on and off without a struggle. While it isn’t quite as durable as other cases on this list, it does sport raised bezels and edges, putting distance between the phone and any surface it might have an argument with. The cover features a non-slip coating that will reduce the chances of you inadvertently dropping your phone while admiring all the pretty rainbows.

Rebex Heavy Duty Shockproof Case

Rebex Heavy Duty Shockproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S21

If you’re the type of person who really puts their phone through its paces, then this heavy-duty case from Rebex is a safe bet. It may lack the elegance of certain other cases on this list, but it will go the extra mile in protecting the S21 from harm. This is largely thanks to its dual layers, which combine an inner TPU material with a more easily gripped PC surface. The case also comes with a built-in magnetic metal plate, which can be used with various magnetic accessories (e.g. car mounts). It also comes with a ring holder for attaching it to a belt buckle or something similar, and it features a kickstand that can be rotated 360 degrees. This is capped off with raised edges, as well as non-slip sides and corners.

FYY Flip Case

FYY Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S21

Here’s a flip case that offers protection for the S21’s screen as well as its body, making it highly protective as well as very smart. The back cover uses a combination of TPU and PU leather to heighten the level of protection it offers, while also making it easy to grip and use. As for the front cover, it’s built with mostly transparent TPU, letting you see incoming calls and messages without having to flip the case open. Aside from this, the case is subtly magnetic, allowing you to close it securely. It boasts all the necessary cutouts for ports, speakers, and cameras. It even has cut-out holders for your ejection pin and SIM card, allowing for convenient SIM replacement.

ESR Project Zero Clear-View Slim Case

ESR Project Zero Clear-View Slim Case for Samsung Galaxy S21

Here’s another slim and transparent TPU case, this time from ESR. It fits snugly to the Galaxy S21’s frame, accentuating the phone’s good looks while also letting you take it in and out of your pocket easily. While it is very light, its corners and edges are shock-resistant, guarding your phone from the usual everyday abuse. One novel feature is the “microdots� it has on its inner layer, preventing it from clinging to the S21 in a way that makes it difficult to remove or that smudges the phone’s surface.

FYY Luxury Leather Wallet Case

FYY Luxury Leather Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S21

This good old-fashioned leather wallet case from FYY is made of a PU leather exterior that’s layered over a microfiber interior, which avoids scratching or scuffing the S21’s surface. Given that it’s dual-layered, it will help your phone avoid most of the damage that would otherwise spoil it, yet it retains full compatibility with wireless charging. It also looks very nice, with the sleek black leather cover closing discreetly over your phone with the aid of corner buttons. Because it’s a wallet case, it comes with slots for cards and cash, yet one distinction it has over other wallet cases is that it has a front flap that can be opened without opening the main compartment. This also helps avoid scuffing the phone’s surface.

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