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Make Your Dirty Dreams Come True with Unlimited Tokens at Chaturbate

Chaturbate is one of the most popular video chat rooms for adults where girls fulfill your dirty desires for tokens. There are a lot of videos broadcasting by 1800 models at the same time, and each has her viewer. The website was created in 2011 in the U.S., and since that time it began to gain popularity.

How is money earned

The whole idea of this work in this video chat is communication of a model with the audience. During this communication, users will tip these models.

The website has its own currency which is called tokens. One token is equal to 0.05$, so if you collect 1000 tokens, you will earn 50$. Honestly, this amount is very small for a chat, and it is quite easy to collect it even in one hour. Top models earn 700-800 dollars a day. The visitors buy tokens for real money, models earn tokens, then convert them into real money, and cash out their earnings.

How much does it cost?

Tokens are bought only for real money. At Chaturbate you can buy video or photo models for tokens, as well as satisfy specific sexual demands. You can set the price for a group and private chat by yourself, but approximate prices are as follows:

  • Privat — from 6 to 90 tokens per minute;
  • Group — from 6 to 30 tokens per minute;
  • Public chat — users decide by themselves how much they need to send to encourage models.

What are the problems occurred with tokens?

Webcam models often encounter the trickery of users visiting Chaturbate. In this case, they earn much less than they could. Why does this happen?

  • Many viewers try to come to terms with the model for a free show. Or they can offer to communicate in a common chat for a fixed number of tokens.
  • The model agrees in the hope of earning something as it is better than nothing.
  • The member seems to keep his promise and sends tokens.
  • After the chat session, it turns out that the tokens have been replaced by fakes. Their design is like chat messages concerning tips coming in. The fraud as it is, but many models get caught by.

Peculiarities of using the hack

To get free tokens, download the Chaturbate currency hack. This is enough to get free currency and watch models of the hottest webcams. You can use it online on Android or PC, and it doesn’t matter what country you are in. This app has a 100% legacy and is very easy and convenient to use.

In the reward system, you can transfer any number of tokens in the chat with its help. To get free tokens, you only need to perform a few tasks. The app has been verified by a large number of users, and this proves its authenticity that there are no forms of fraud here. To launch a hack, all you need to do is download it, install it on your computer, and run it. It is absolutely safe as it uses VPN and encrypted software. Get an unlimited number of tokens with this app!