James Martin’s cheat’s apple tart

James Martin is back in the kitchen to share his easy method for making the perfect apple tart – with just five ingredients!

Cheat’s apple tart

Serves: 6-8


1 x 320g ready made all butter puff pastry sheet1 egg yolk1 x 300g jar apple sauce, blitzed4 Cox apples sliced50g butter melted50g caster sugar

To serve

300ml double cream, lightly whipped4 tbsp runny honey100g walnuts, chopped


1. Preheat the oven to 200C

2. Roll the pastry out to a large rectangle 30cm x 20 cm, and place onto a lined baking tray. Using a sharp knife score a 2cm frame around the edges, making sure you do not cut all the way through. 

3. Using a fork, dock the centre of the pastry all over and brush the edges with the egg. Spread the apple sauce evenly all over the top along with the apple slices. Brush with half of the butter and sprinkle over the sugar. Bake for 20 minutes until golden.

4. Fold the cream, honey and walnuts together, and serve as you like with the tart

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