How to Send a Text to Your Email

There are times when you want to send a text to another person’s email, or you want your incoming texts to appear in your email inbox — and chances are you might not be sure how to do either of these things. Fear not! Our handy guide walks you through both options, whether you’re using an iOS or Android device.

How to send a text to another person’s email inbox

This is an incredibly easy process, as long as your service plan allows you to send MMS (picture or data-rich) messages. If you have the most bare-bones text messaging plan, then you might not be able to send MMS messages. However, rather than hopping on your service provider’s site and spending half an hour trying to determine if your plan includes MMS messaging, the fastest way to figure things out is to do a quick test.

To send a text to an email address, compose a text like you normally would, and enter the desired email address into the box where you would normally put a phone number. It’s that easy. Try sending one to yourself first to see if it works. If it does, great. If your text doesn’t appear in your inbox after a reasonable amount of time, there’s a chance that your mobile plan doesn’t include MMS messaging, but this is rather unlikely.

How to forward incoming texts to your email inbox

Hate constantly switching between your phone and email to read messages throughout the day? Need to view links from a text on your PC, or wish there was a way to get some or all of your texts delivered to your email inbox? We’re here to help.

For Android:

To manually forward one or more texts to your own email inbox, just select the conversation containing the message you want to forward, then tap and hold the message until options appear. Tap Forward in the menu that appears, then enter your email address in the recipient field.

If you want to forward all your texts and receive them in your email inbox automatically, there are a number of different ways to do this — but the easiest method for Android users is to download and install the Phone Leash app from Google Play. Just enter your forwarding information and everything should go swimmingly. You get a 30-day free trial, after which you’ll need to subscribe to continue using the app.

For iPhone:

To manually forward individual texts to your own email inbox, open the conversation you want to forward in Messages. Tap and hold the message until you see options appear. Then tap More and tap the circle next to the message(s) you want to forward. Tap Forward and a New MMS screen should appear. Just enter your email address in the To field and tap Send.

To get all your incoming texts sent to your email inbox, go to Settings>Messages>Receive At and then choose Add An Email at the bottom. Enter the address you’d like texts to be forwarded to, and voila! You’re done.

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