How to Add Headers or Footers in Google Sheets

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A Google Sheets spreadsheet doesn’t have a visible header or footer until you decide to print. If you want to add headers and footers to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, you’ll have to use the printer settings menu—here’s how.

To begin, open the Google Sheets spreadsheet that contains your data. At the top, click File > Print to view the printer settings menu for your document.

On your Google Sheets spreadsheet, press File > Print to access the printer options for your spreadsheet.

In the “Print Settings� menu, you can customize the layout and design of your spreadsheet to make it suitable for printing. To add a new header or footer, click the “Headers and Footers� category in the menu on the right.

To add a custom header or footer, press the "Headers and Footers" category to view a list of available options in the "Print Settings" menu.

A list of available options for both headers and footers will appear. Click the checkbox next to a preset option (for example, “Page Numbers�) to enable it.

Click one of the available preset options in the "Headers and Footers" category in the "Print Settings" menu to add those features to your printed spreadsheet.

You can add page numbers, a workbook title, sheet name, or the current date or time to your printed spreadsheet. Google automatically determines whether to place these in the header or footer.

For example, page numbers are automatically placed in the footer, while a workbook title will be placed in the header. If you want to change the position of a preset option or add any custom text to a header or footer, click “Edit Custom Fields.�

Click "Edit Custom Fields" in the "Headers and Footers" category in the "Print Settings" menu to customize the header and footer of a printed Google Sheets spreadsheet.

The print view on the right will change and allow you to edit the text boxes in the header or footer. Click a box to make any changes to your header or footer.

Click on an available text box in the header or footer areas of the visible Google Sheets print view to add, remove, or change the existing header or footer text.

When you’re ready to save your changes, click “Confirm� at the top right to return to the “Print Settings� menu.

Press "Confirm" in the top-right corner to save the changes to your custom Google Sheets header or footer.

If you’re happy with the changes you made to your header or footer, click “Next� at the top right.

After customizing your header or footer, press "Next" in the top-right corner of the "Print Settings" menu to begin printing your edited Google Sheets spreadsheet.

You’ll now be taken to your browser or operating system’s printer options menu. Here, you can specify more print settings for your spreadsheet, like the number of copies you want to print.

The changes you made to your header or footer will save automatically, and they’ll also be applied to any future copies of your Google Sheets spreadsheet that you print.

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