Best Countries to Hire a Remote Java Developer in 2021

If you decide to start 2021 by creating your project, then you have many things to do right – from validating your idea of choosing a technology stack and development vendor. Building a web or mobile solution with Java makes sense in a lot of cases, as it’s a flexible yet powerful and functional language, plus you can choose software developers from a global talent pool.

In this article, we will tell you about Java developer roles and responsibilities, as well as suggest profitable opportunities to hire a Java programmer and streamline your project creation.

Best Countries to Hire a Remote Java Developer in 2021

Java Specifics and Benefits

Java is a general-purpose programming language. It is well suited for creating web and mobile projects for Android, plus it is the best choice for enterprise development. Java is also used in part for building IoT and machine learning applications.

As for the business benefits of Java development, this programming language allows you to create high-capacity applications with a high level of security while leaving the good potential for scalability.

In addition, if you are not ready to create an in-house development team, it is very easy to hire a remote Java developer on freelance or outsourcing terms. As for the latter option, you will get an opportunity to choose from your development partner around the globe. For example, you may consider partnering with SPD Group software development company to outsource Java development to a tech-savvy vendor with 10+ years of Java development experience.

Below we will talk more about the advantages and possible pitfalls of hiring Java developers in-house and remotely.

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Java Developer Roles and Responsibilities

As for Java developers’ roles and responsibilities, they can be divided into three large subtasks.

  • Writing code is the main task of a Java programmer.
  • When an application is being developed within the DevOps culture, the participation of the programmer in testing and debugging is mandatory, as this speeds up the development of the application and reduces the time it takes to find errors at each stage.
  • Project management. Taking part in project management is an optional task, however, you can highlight this need in your java developer job description. Usually, the participation of Java developers in project management is required when it is necessary to explain technical nuances and work through bottlenecks in the development process.

Outsourcing vs in-House: What Is the Best for Software Development?

As usual with software development, “it depends� is the correct answer to most questions. If you want to hire a java programmer, you have two basic ways to go. You may either hire Java developers and maintain a development team under your roof, or consider Java development outsourcing which is one of the profitable options to hire dedicated Java developers remotely. Let’s consider the pros and cons of both approaches.

Hire a Java Programmer or Outsource Java Development  – Pros and Cons



  • If you outsource java development, you get the opportunity to select the best developers for your project from the global pool of talent.
  • The key essence of outsourcing is the ability to save a lot. When applied to application development, you can save up to 60% of your budget.
  • You get a dedicated team that works exclusively on your project, and their remuneration is calculated according to the hourly rate based on the number of hours actually worked.


  • The choice of software development vendor may be challenging since the market is already oversaturated with dedicated developers and it’s quite difficult to distinguish the unique value proposition of each.
  • You will have to adapt to different time zones and get used to remote communication. Plus, the language barrier and significant differences in mentality are also possible, but these problems can be easily solved if you choose the right vendor.

In-House development


  • You have full control over all processes and are constantly in touch with your developers.
  • You personally participate in the creation of your product and do not have to worry about intellectual property rights.


  • You will either have to hire the developers yourself or contact a human resources agency. The first option is time-consuming, and the second may be expensive.
  • Maintaining your in-house team can also be quite expensive, taking into account that you have to rent an office, buy all the equipment you need, and legally hire your developers. The latter means that you also need accounting services.

Also, you can create a development team by hiring them on freelance platforms. This is the cheapest but the most difficult and time-consuming option. You will have to hire them yourself, establish communication between the team, control every stage, and pay compensation. Also, in addition to developers, you will need other professionals such as designers, marketers, and testers.

Therefore, the main advantage of outsourcing is that you save both money and time by getting a dedicated team from the specialists you need and relieving yourself of responsibility for all organizational processes.

In house development vs outsourcing

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Java Developers?

Even though application development outsourcing is the most profitable option, the cost to hire a dedicated java developer can vary depending on the outsourcing destination. Also, there are some more challenges you need to keep in mind when deciding on the country to outsource to.

According to the results of the study, “‘lack of technical capability’ and ‘poor quality of service and system/process’ are the critical challenges in offshore software development outsourcing. The results also indicate that ‘hidden costs’, ‘communication gap’, ‘poor infrastructure’ and ‘lack of control over project’ are critical in the opinions of different groups of practitioners.�

Thus, you need to outsource it right striving for the best quality at the most reasonable price. The following countries may be a good fit.

Best Regions Where You Can Hire Java Developers

  Time zone Rate per hour $ Expected quality Mentality issues
The UK GMT $50 – $99 / hr The expected quality is quite high since the UK is one of the main European countries with great technical potential. There are no mentality issues to expect.
Ukraine GMT+2 $25 – $49 / hr If you want to outsource java development, Ukraine is one of the best countries to consider. Strong technical background of programmers, a lot of practical experience of working with American and European customers, convenient business hours overlapping and quite a reasonable price make Ukraine one of the best outsourcing destinations globally. Ukrainian mentality is somehow different from European and American one, however, because of the hands-on experience of working with foreign customers, you shouldn’t expect cultural and linguistic challenges when hiring Java developers from Ukraine.
India GMT+5:30 < $25 / hr Of course, Indian programmers can handle an enormous amount of work, but the quality in some cases remains questionable. It is enough to remember the sad experience of Boeing, so Indian programmers can be a good choice, but not in cases where software can directly or indirectly affect the life and health of people. Also, it is one of the cheapest outsourcing destinations in the world. The mentality gap is quite significant and difficult to overcome because of the striking cultural differences.


Thus, outsourcing to Ukraine turns out to be the most reasonable option when it comes to creating a web or mobile project remotely. Because of the perfect price-quality match, the wide choice of reliable software development vendors, and investment-friendly legislation, it becomes quite easy to outsource java development to Ukraine while staying in touch with your dedicated development team and having no doubts about the final product’s quality.

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