Apple’s ecosystem has historically been walled off to anything non-Apple. Recently the company’s been a little bit better about allowing more TV manufactures into its AirPlay and Apple TV platforms, but outside of oddballs like the HTC 10 working with AirPlay, support has been notably absent from Android. Thankfully, a cheeky app developer was able to work around this and get us AirPlay on Android — with a few caveats.

AirMusic lets you use AirPlay, Google Cast, Roku, DLNA, Sonos, AllPlay, Samsung Multiroom, and FireTV, so it really is a bit more than just AirPlay — AirPlay is just especially notable due to how locked-in a system it normally is.

The software lets you stream from any Android app to all of these receivers at the same time. If your house has multiple audio systems, like mine does, you can now play music across everything. I’ve tested this app with Google Cast, AirPlay, and DLNA and it seems to work very well.

This works on Android phones with root, or those running Android 10 or later. Android 10 added support for screen recording with internal audio, so the AirMusic developer is able to pull an audio feed from that screen recording and send it over one of the casting protocols — it’s a great no-root method for AirPlay on Android.

The app is available on the Play Store with both a trial and a pro version — the trial is free and after 10 minutes of listening, some noise will be added to the audio (you can always restart the app to start a new session). The pro app, which is $4.49, has none of these limitations.

AirMusic - stream your music! (TRIAL, ROOT)
AirMusic - stream your music! (TRIAL, ROOT)